Kristen Cooley, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Cooley is a north San Diego County native. She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University, in 2002, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. 

Kristen and her husband Dominic happily welcomed their first born son, Nolan in May 2004. Nolan was diagnosed with autism in 2008, while Kristen was working full time, for a local high school and pregnant with the couple’s second son. After the wonderful birth of second son, Gavin, Kristen chose to stay home so that she could work on extensive autism therapies with Nolan.

Since 2010, Kristen has been working from home as an executive producer as well as representing her husband Dominic, who is a professional photographer.

Summer of 2011, the Cooley’s were blessed with their third son, Devin.

Kristen is honored to be working from home, to love and care for her family’s needs, while encouraging her sons, to be happily involved with their local social community.





Marnee Hamdi, Chief Financial Officer & Board Member

Born and raised in Southern California, Marnee grew up in the North County San Diego community of Oceanside. She married her high school sweetheart (Rani) after graduating from San Diego State University in 2002, with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences Criminal Justice Administration.

Just a few months shy of their 1st wedding anniversary in 2005 they welcomed their first son Faris, to the family and in 2009 their second son Yousef to the family. Marnee soon came to the realization the importance in early childhood education and the important role of parent and educational advocate she would soon become for her sons.  In the subsequent years Marnee has dedicated herself to advocating for those with a variety of learning differences with a focus on the autism spectrum.    


Debra Beeson, Secretary & Board Member

Debra M. Beeson is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has an Early Childhood Education Degree, from Ashford University. 

Her passion in life is children; specifically education for children. Debra's passion for education began with her siblings. She has an older brother and sister who require special education classes. Debra realized years ago, when someone showed developmental delays a label was placed on them. School was a challenge and many times those challenges came home with them. 

Debra began assisting in her sisters classroom to learn and understand her challenges. Debra believes that is when the seed of compassion and education was planted in her heart.

She believes any interaction with children should be one that demonstrates compassion. She has had the opportunity to be part of an early childhood education program that allows her to demonstrate how compassion and education go hand-in-hand. For well over 25 years she has been blessed to teach. Debra's desire is to provide a classroom environment for every child that enters to feel loved and excited to learn. When children are excited about learning they become life time learners. In Debra's opinion, there is no better legacy than that. To be a lifetime learner.